Schedule 2 To The Apple Developer Program License Agreement

“Authorized developer” means your employees and contractors, members of your organization or: if you are an educational institution, your teachers and collaborators who (a) each have an active and valid Apple Developer account at Apple ,b) have demonstrated the need to know or use Apple software to develop and test covered products and (c) to the extent that these individuals have access to confidential Apple information that each has written and mandatory agreements with you to protect unauthorized use and disclosure of this confidential information by Apple. “Program B2B” refers to the Apple program that allows third parties (who are included in the B2B program) to obtain volume purchases of licensed apps and/or custom-made applications by customers via the App Store`s B2B zone, or as Apple allows. “Apple Services” refers to the development services that Apple can provide or make available through Apple software or as part of the program for the use of your covered products or their development, including any updates (if any) that may be made available to you by Apple as part of the program. “Game Center” refers to the service of the gaming community and associated APIs provided by Apple for your use in relation to your applications related to your developer account. If I go, your… All I see is a white/empty side with a grey square centered in the middle. We can`t go on from here. I tried several browsers, etc., and added a support ticket for Apple. As eager as I am to have released my new version of the app, I hope some of you know what`s wrong or live something similar? I have the same problem.

I see the agreements, but nothing new to accept or submit. Stucked and can`t release a new version of my app. There is an update button and when you click on it, you will see a new chord that you have acceps. That`s right. To accept this agreement, the user must have already accepted the license agreement of Apple Developer Program in the Member Center with the role of team agent. I do not see the side, I see the agreements that I have already made, but nothing new that I can approve. Has anyone solved this problem? Agreements, taxes and banks check the timing of paid applications. The iOS Schedule 2 and Mac Schedule 2 calendar were combined into a single calendar 2 covering both programs, and custom B2B calendars (“Schedule 3″) for iOS and Mac were also combined. To create new paid apps and in-app purchases and transfer binary files to the App Store, the user must check and accept the schedule of paid apps (schedule 2 of the Apple Developer Program Licensing Agreement) in the “Agreements,” “Tax” and “Banking” module.