Utah Apartment Association Rental Agreement

Sublease Contract – A tenant,`s agreement allows a tenant to lease the premises called “subletting” to another person known as a subtenant until the end of their main tenancy period. This type of rent must normally be approved by the landlord. The leases in Utah are intended for the right of an owner to opt for the right to rent his property according to Title 57 – real estate. The tenant is expected to pay the rent and obligation on all terms of the contract, while the landlord is responsible for keeping the space in a livable state. By signing the document, the two parties are legally linked to each other. Entry Checklist (No. 57-22-4) – Before signing a rental agreement, the landlord must provide the tenant with a checklist of the current condition of the premises. Subsequently, the tenant has a reasonable amount of time to inspect the property himself and report back to the landlord. Maximum – No state maximum, the owner can ask as much as he feels reasonable.

The American Apartment Owners Association provides rental forms nationally. Looking for a state other than Utah? Visit our State Specific Landlord Forms page to learn more. For more information, see: Utah Utah`s Utah Owners` Laws review the bottom of lead-based paint – Owners/owners/managers of housing units built before 1978, according to federal law, all new tenants must adapt with the disclosure of the possibility of lead paint in walls and ceilings. Click here for a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. DISCLAIMER – The use of these forms does not create a lawyer-client relationship. These forms are made available free of charge to the public as standard forms and no one is allowed to use these forms or information for personal or private use. Any commercial use or use (in whole or in part) without the express written permission of Jeremy M. Shorts, Esq.

It`s strictly forbidden. Rent application – A form that allows the landlord to view all finances on behalf of the tenant, in addition to their employment history, credit reports, previous rental reports and all other references deemed appropriate. As a general rule, owners are not required to print forms and keep them in files; however, it is an available product that can help avoid any problems or misunderstandings.